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There are a lot of information about a player stored in UnnyNet, which you might need for your game.

Please make sure to read about ResponseData and Errors before moving forward.

For the testing purpose we'll declare one function, which we'll be using in all the requests:

void ResponceReceived(UnnyNet.ResponseData data) {
    if (data.Success)
        Debug.Log("data received = " + data.Data);
        Debug.LogError("Error occured: " + data.Error.Code);
function responseReceived(data) {
    if (data.success)"Success! data: ",;            
    else"Failed! error: ", data.error);

Player's leaderboard info

Put your leaderboard_id to get leaderboard info:

UnnyNet.Social.GetLeaderboardScores("leaderboard_id", ResponceReceived);
UnnyNet.UnnyNet.getLeaderboardScores("leaderboard_id", responceReceived);

Get Achievements Scores

You can request the total Achievements scores


Get Guild Info

You can request guild information of a player. First parameter indicates if you need full information (basic info + list of members) or just basic information about the guild.

UnnyNet.Social.GetGuildInfo(true, ResponceReceived);
UnnyNet.UnnyNet.getGuildInfo(true, responceReceived);

Example of the response: {"create_time":"2019-06-20T18:05:14Z","creator_id":"2f8d6006-3b77-41ff-88da-cb30fa2e40bd","description":"Test","display_name":"Lime","players_count":2,"open":false,"info":{"exp":0,"level":1},"members":[]}