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How does it work?

UnnyNet is a social Network for players and game developers. It's available at the address: When you add UnnyNet to your game, we create a WebView, which displays a mobile version of our website, so you don't need to create any single window. We provide our Servers and customizable Client UI for developers, making it a plug and play solution.

Adding a Game to UnnyNet is similar to creating a server in Discord. Any player can find your Game and join it while using the browser version of UnnyNet. Screenshot When a player connects to UnnyNet inside of your game, his access is limited to only your game channels. It's obvious that you don't want players to talk in channels of other games while playing yours. Screenshot However players still have access to their friends and they can talk to them no matter which game they are playing. Which is actually good, because your players don't have to switch to WhatsApp/Facebook to reach their friends and they also can invite friends to join your game.