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Enumerated Types (enums)


Enumerated types are widely used in programming. When you have a limited list of possible values, it's often convenient to use enum instead of int or string.

For example:

If you have a limited set of Colors to choose in your game, you might want to store the value as integer (1,2,3,4,...) to save memory. However you can define a new enum, which will make your values more readable.

public enum Color
    Red = 0,
    Green = 1,
    Blue = 2,
    White = 3,
    Black = 4,

Now you can use values, like Color.Blue in your code instead of 2.

How to create enum

  1. Select Enums section in Data Editor Screenshot

  2. Click on Create button Screenshot

  3. Each Enum has several parameters

    Name Description
    Name This name is used when you work with your enum from code.
    Display Name The name which will be displayed in the DE.
    Description Helps other team members to easily understand what this Enum is used for.
    Multi-selection defines if a parameter can contain multiple enum values.
  4. Table of Values

Each enum value must have a unique name and a unique value associated with the name. If you are using Multi-selection, all the values must be power of 2 or zero.

  1. When you create and save your enum, you can choose type Enum for a parameter. Screenshot

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