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Data Editor

Data Editor (DE) is an essential part of UnnyNet. It is used for creating data structure and editing the data. UnnyNet automatically delivers the newest data to the app and parse it to the convenient auto-generated code, so you could easily access it.

How Does it Work?

  1. After adding your game to the platform, you get an access to the DE.
  2. Inside of DE you can add all types of objects your game has: weapon, item, construction, monster, hero, location, etc...
  3. For each type of object you can add as many documents as possible. Each document represents a unique weapon, item, construction, etc...
  4. Open Unity with your project and start code generation request. UnnyNet will automatically generate the code, based on the data you provided.
  5. Once the game is launched, all the game data is delivered to the game and already mapped to the generated code.
  6. Your programmer has a direct access to all the items, weapons and other objects your game has. He doesn't have to write any code for downloading or parsing.
  7. Whenever you change the game data in DE, it'll be automatically synchronized with the game after the restart.

We'll explain every step in details in the next articles:

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