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JavaScript Integration

1) Install UnnyNet using npm or just include the latest library:

2) Find your Game Id and Public Key in your game settings:


Read and accept Terms of Service first: Screenshot

Copy Game ID and Public Key: Screenshot

3) Call initialize method at start:

    game_id: <your_game_id>,
    public_key: <your_public_key>,
    default_channel: <channel_id>,
    open_animation: UnnyNet.ViewOpenDirection.LEFT_TO_RIGHT

The full list of parameters:

  • game_id (mandatory) - the ID of your game in UnnyNet
  • public_key (mandatory) - the Public Key of your game in UnnyNet
  • default_channel (optional) - the default channel to open
  • open_animation (optional) - animation used to show the window
    • UnnyNet.ViewOpenDirection.LEFT_TO_RIGHT
    • UnnyNet.ViewOpenDirection.RIGHT_TO_LEFT
    • UnnyNet.ViewOpenDirection.TOP_TO_BOTTOM
    • UnnyNet.ViewOpenDirection.BOTTOM_TO_TOP

4) Call the next method to show UnnyNet window:



Your game is a part of UnnyNet now and your players are happy!