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Android Integration

1) Download the latest version of the library from the github. Later we will publish it to JCenter or Maven Center.
2) Add library to a project.
3) In the assets folder create file with the next content:


Here you can also setup addition settings:

  "guests_allowed": true,
  "game_login": true,
  "default_channel": "general",
  "open_fade": true,
  "open_animation": 2,
  "close_fade": true,
  "close_animation": 2,

To get the required information, open your game's settings at UnnyNet website: Screenshot

Read and accept Terms of Service first: Screenshot

Copy and paste Game ID and Public Key: Screenshot

4) Init UnnyNet:

unnynet = new UnnyNetDefault(this);

5) Call the next method to show UnnyNet window:;


Your game is a part of UnnyNet now and your players are happy!