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Private Channels

Private chats can be used for a temporary group of players united with one goal. It can be a team chat for the current match in MOBA or a chat room for a board game player playing at the same desk.

Join private channel

UnnyNet.Chat.JoinPrivateChannel("channel_id", "display name");
UnnyNet.UnnyNet.joinPrivateChannel("channel_id", "display name");
unnynet.joinPrivateChannel("channel_id", "display name");

This methods adds current player to the private channel. If the channel doesn't exists, it'll be created.

  • channel_id helps you to make sure you unite only the players you need to be in one group.
  • display name is the name of the channel players see in UnnyNet windows.

Leave private channels

There is one method to leave all private channels:


Main feature of private channels

Private channels can be used to display everything in your UI. You can use the same methods to send and receive messages as for other chat channels, and the only difference is that you'll be able to read the message text from the client. It's stored under the key message.


Private channels have some limits though, which is a subject to change

  • Max message size is limited to 100 symbols
  • Max players in one channel is limited by 20
  • Each player can present only in one private channel at a time. If you try to join another private channel, it'll remove you from the previous channel.

You can find an example of usage of Private Channels in our Unity Scene: UnnyNet_PrivateChannel.