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Guilds Test

This section aims to show developers what players are going to see in the game. It also helps developers to have a clear picture of how everything works.

Guild creation is available only from the game. It was made on purpose: you might want to make guild creation a paid feature, so to approve a new guild you'll have to check the balance first and then charge the price. All other guild features can be tested in the browser.

Search for a guild

When the guilds are activated, players will see a new icon in the navigation panel


The new button leads to a new Guilds window, where players can search for all guilds in the game, view or join them, and also create their own guilds.

Create a guild

Guild creation is extremely straightforward. Click on the green "+" button in the Guilds window, choose a name, description and whether the guild is Private or Public:

  • Public - any player is able to join the guild;
  • Private - a player has to be invited by the creator or send a request to join the guild.

Guild's chat

When a guild is created, the player will see a new Chat channel in the navigation. It's separated from other channels and has guild icon to the left, so they won't mix it with other channels. This is a private chat channel only for guild members. Screenshot

Guild's window

To open My Guild window, a player has to click on the Guild name at the top of the guild's chat channel: Screenshot In this window players can see full list of all guild members, their ranks and the amount of Experience they donated during the last time.

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