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Guilds and Clans (Temporary not working)

Players can join long-term groups called guilds. Guilds, also known as clans, kinships or crews, are usually groups of people who are working toward a common goal in a game. A guild might emphasize raiding (progression through difficult dungeons with large groups of players) or it might focus on helping lower-level players acquire gear and experience. It can be public or private.

  • Public: any player is able to join the guild;
  • Private: a player has to be invited by the creator or send a request to join the guild.

Guild name has to be unique for each game and is selected by a guild creator

We've bunch of settings, which a game developer has to prepare before the release, so your players will be able to enjoy the whole guild experience. Follow the next steps to add guilds to your game:

1. Setup guilds settings

2. Test how everything is working

3. Use our API to make even more immersive experience