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Chat Popup

When a player selects another player, a popup appear with a set of option:

  • View Profile
  • Add Friend
  • Mention
  • Set Role (For Creator only)
  • Ban (For Admins only)
  • Delete Message Role (For Admins only)

Some additional buttons might preset if the player is in the guild.

Code example

As a game developer you can add additional buttons. To achieve this you need to add a callback for OnPopupOpened event and return PopupButtons class:

UnnyNet.Events.OnPopupOpened = eventData => {
    UnnyNet.PopupButtons popup = new UnnyNet.PopupButtons();

    popup.AddButton("Test Button", () => {
        Debug.LogWarning("Test Button Clicked");
    }, UnnyNet.ButtonType.Info);

    popup.AddButton("Warn Button", () => {
        Debug.LogWarning("Warn Button Clicked");
    }, UnnyNet.ButtonType.Warning);

    return popup;
UnnyNet.UnnyNet.onPopupOpened = (prms) =>
{"onPopupOpened", prms);

    const popup = new UnnyNet.PopupButtons();
    popup.addButton("Test 1", () => console.log("Test 1 Clicked"), UnnyNet.ButtonType.Success);
    popup.addButton("Test 2", () => console.log("Test 2 Clicked"), UnnyNet.ButtonType.Warning);
    return popup;

Button parameters

You can add as many buttons as you want, just bear in mind the size of the screen. With AddButton method you can add a button a specify the following parameters:

  • Title on the button
  • Action, which triggers in case player selects this button
  • Optional parameter for the button style. You can view how they all look like in the Theme settings of your game.

Incoming parameters

As you might've noticed there are additional parameters passed to the OnPopupOpened event:

  • DisplayName - the display name of the selected player
  • UnnyId - the unique id of the selected player
  • FriendState - your relationship with the player
  • Placement - where the popup was called from

If the player is in a guild, additional parameters are passed as well:

  • GuildId
  • GuildName
  • GuildMate - (true/false) indicates whether the player is in the same guild as current player